Goose’s Gallery

We've designed our 'galley kitchen' to have a rustic flair. The open-sided, roofed pavilion provides protection from the elements. This area is designed for our guests to: 
• Prepare and eat meals
• Convection oven, and microwave
• Community fridge/freezer
• Barbecue pit with 2 barbecues and picnic table
• Coffee for Primitive Campers
• Electric outlets for your electronics and WiFi service
• Occasionally, music from local musicians may even happen!
We planned this spot to provide you a fresh, open aired atmosphere to socialize with other handlers staying at the retreat, or connect to the outside world with multiple outlets for your electronics. The Goose’s Gallery is equipped with community amenities, including a fridge with freezer, sink, and utensils with plenty of counter space to prep meals. Convenient tables and chairs, with bar stools for the bar counters, and a beautiful rustic antique bar enhance the pavilion. Barbecue your own tasty preparations or one of the purchased prepared meals. Coffee makers with supplies including coffee, sugar, and cream for those that are in the Tent Cot areas (The Aviary).
Because this is a common area serving all members of the retreat, we respectfully request patrons clean after themselves and respect other's food and beverages stored in the community fridge. Brown paper bags and pens are available to place your name on your items, we respectfully ask that upon departure you dispose of unwanted items. Animal prevention garbage bins are in place and must be used to ensure we don't have unwanted critters attracted to the retreat, this includes wild boar, coyote, raccoon, opossum, and other creatures we want to love from afar.

The Raft

In the evening, meet at The Raft, where you can grill that steak you picked up from the local market and socialize with fellow handlers or rest in a hammock, ending your day in relaxation. In the evening, enjoy the Ring of Fire, roasting complimentary marshmallows with supplied roasting stick. 
We've designed The Raft as one of the central meeting places, where the Bath-House, a Barbecue Pit, Two Microwaves, and Tent Cot section is located.